Noelle Pikus Pace

Noelle Pikus Pace

Noelle Pikus Pace

Olympic Silver Medalist

    Noelle Pikus Pace graduated from Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah in 2001. In high school, she competed in soccer, basketball, softball, track and field, bobsled, and skeleton.

    Noelle then went on to run track and field at Utah Valley University and graduated in 2005 1st team All-American with a bachelor’s degree in Community Health. During that time, she also broke the UVU high jump record and was the NJCAA National Discus Champion. She became the first woman to ever win the Overall World Cup Title in skeleton that same year.

    Noelle was favored to win the Gold Medal going into the 2006 Winter Olympics. At the U.S. Olympic trials in October of 2005, an unfortunate accident kept her from competing at the Olympic Games. A bobsled unexpectedly came out of the track and hit her. She sustained a compound fracture to her lower right leg and because of this injury she was unable to compete in the Olympics. The following year, she came back to win the World Championships by the largest margin the history of the sport.

    She continued on with her education and received a master’s degree in Business Administration in 2007. In 2008 Noelle decided to take a year off from competition and she and her husband Janson had a little girl, Lacee Lynne Pace.

    Noelle competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics, on a sled that her husband built, and was the top U.S finisher finishing 4th, just one-tenth of a second out of the medals. She retired after the Olympics to spend more time with her family and Noelle and Janson had a baby boy named Traycen in 2011.

    The summer of 2012, Noelle and Janson decided that she would give it one last try to earn an Olympic Medal, but only if their family could all travel together. Their dream became a reality February 14, 2014, as Noelle crossed the finish line, winning the Silver Medal at the Sochi, Russia Winter Olympic Games. The incredible moment was solidified as Noelle jumped into the stands to embrace her family while shouting, “We did it!”

    Since then, they have added twin boys to their family and reside in Saratoga Springs, Utah.